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Yoni Massage

Yoni massage, which is a very intimate massage, is massage of the woman's yoni, where yoni is Sanskrit for the woman's genitals. The most common is that you take this massage as part of a whole tantra massage, which is a sensual massage of the whole body, and that I would recommend.  The full body massage helps you to be relaxed and ready, and to build up trust in me. But if you just want genital massage, then we can arrange that, just like if you do not want yoni massage when booking a tantra massage; It's highly voluntary, like everything else in my sessions.

Tension in the yoni and pelvis regions can limit your ability to feel pleasure and get orgasms, and much more, even if orgasm is not the goal; The best according to tantra is to not be goal oriented but instead be in what is. By resolving these tensions, you can therefore get a better contact with, and feeling for not only your yoni, but your whole body. Other organs in the body can begin to work better, and of course, the whole of you! At its best, yoni massage is about healing, awareness and pleasure.

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Why should I do yoni massage?

Yoni massage can be good for you who...

... have difficulties getting orgasm or feeling pleasure

... experience anxiety, pain etc. during intercourse

... experience frigidity, i.e. reduced or absent sexual desire

... want to challenge yourself, your fears, your prejudices and/or your vulnerability

... are curious or just want a nice experience

... have difficulties of feeling at all in or around your yoni


Even in conditions like vestibulitis, which is pain in the entrance of the vagina and vaginismus, which is cramps in the yoni, tantra massage can be very helpful, even if we probably do not use yoni massage the first time or times during such conditions. Hopefully, during the yoni massage, you can completely give up thoughts of achievement or to the one who massages you, but instead focus on yourself and your experience of being a sexual being. Many women feel that the yoni is touched only in connection with sex, or when something is going to happen, for example a gynecological examination - it's easily associated with performance. In a yoni massage you can probably feel that your genitals are an integral part of your body - especially if you take it together with a whole tantra massage. You can also get a perineum massage, which originally was developed for pregnant women, but it can definitely be effective even for non pregnants.

 Yoni massage


Yoni massage, how does it work?

Yes, what is yonimassage, actually? Normally, yoni massage is a peaceful, loving and perhaps erotic massage - the experience is yours, and it can be good if you have the intention to welcome every motion or thought without clinging to it, and then just letting it pass. Yoni massage usually includes massage of both the outer parts of the genitals, the vulva, as well as the inner parts, the vagina and the cervix. But even the opening and the areas around the yoni are massaged in different ways. Inside the vagina there are many sensitive acupressure points that are usually treated with light circulating movements. By soft massage of all sensitive, numb, hard and tensed points in and around the yoni, we have the opportunity to get access to hidden emotions that limit life in different ways. The yoni massage is done with organic almond oil.

My task during the yoni massage is to create a safe environment, to be fully present with and focused on you, attentive empathetic and detached. I encourage you to communicate what feels good and what does not feel good, which for many people can be an important part of the therapy.


How can yoni massage help me?

Yoni massage can help you to...

... feel that your yoni is something beautiful, sacred and gracious, and that it is an integral part of your body and that you are whole.

... feel more erotic pleasure and feel more in general.

... heal and get over small and big sexual or other traumas/blockages.

... function better sexually; Understand your sexuality and get control over it.

... get better self-knowledge and self-esteem as well as find your erotic power.

... strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.

... get better contact with your feminine essence.

...have less trouble with menstrual disorders.


I am a male yoni masseur who give yoni massage in Stockholm, Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Malmö.