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"Noone leaves the sessions untoched"


Colleagues etc

I, as a woman, encourage you to go to Håkan and get a tantra massage from an educated man with a nice relaxed attitude to both his own and your body. It is an experience on many levels! 
/Anna Jönsson, tantra masseur

I can heartily recommend Håkan as a tantra masseur! He conveys a sense of security and presence that allowes me to relax and experience a deeper connection with myself physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is an experience that lingers in me for a long time and enriches my everyday life. 
/Erica, tantra masseur

Thanks Håkan for the tantra massage! It was like an enjoyable, flowing intimate dance. You keep an open but clear space that feels very safe and loving. Your present hands and undemanding touch feels soothing and healing on many levels. It is so healing being able to just receive. I experienced the body and the emotions therein. Afterwards, I felt happy and comfortably relaxed and more pleasantly present in my body. You hold an impressive fine balance between being personal, so that confidence, contacts and even insights can be created, and impersonal, so that the therapeutic situation is functioning optimally. I can reaaly recommend him! 
/Irene Andersson, author of Woman and Man Tao Tao

I really recommend going to Hakan and get a tantra massage. It gave me a pleasurable feeling from inside and out. A sweet feeling of peace and healing power. To receive this unconditional touch by his hands dancing over my body for two hours was a wonderful relief! We need it all. Thanks! 
/Eva Borg (Registered Midwife and Sexologist)



Thanks Håkan for an incredibly lovely experience yesterday! Super lovely tantra massage - you treated me with warmth, and it was sensual and relaxing. I really enjoyed the touch of your wonderful hands fully! I still have a great feeling and it was an experience I will bring into my everyday life. I think of massage and feel warmth in my body! /M

Thanks for today, it was very special. I thought that you were so heartfelt and present. I felt a little dizzy and strange for about 1.5 hour afterwards, but later I felt incredibly energetic and happy, and I got things done that I had postponed the ages. I felt I could relax with you incredibly much considering that I had never met you before. /E

Today I headed south towards Malmö, to experience something new and divine: tantra massage that was fantastic soft, experimental, and relaxing. It was not just the tantra massage that was wonderful, but also the man who carried it out (considerate and respectful) and the environment he created for the purpose. I can heartily recommend Hakan, the man who creates wonders :) /F

This was just what I needed: much of my great need for closeness was satisfied, and it brought up a lot of longing and sadness in me. And I have healed a great part of my lack of trust to men by meeting you! Getting treatment from you have been so incredibly healing for me. It feels like you have been sent to me to heal the deep wounds inside of me that I didn't reach with traditional therapy. You have been very empathetic and intuitive all the time. Although I have been sad and crying, I'm very grateful for all the things that have come up to the surface. The treatments have definitely had a positive effect on my daily life. I have been on sick leave for a very long time and not believed that I'll ever be able to find a job that suits me, and I have also been single for ages. But after going to you for a few months, I now have both a good job and a man! /T 

Tantra massage is really special! It had much bigger effect than I could ever imagine. I do not feel I have any more problems with my sexuality or my body, but I was curious about what tantra massage could do for me. It did not take long into the tantra massage before I felt that I wanted to cry. The light loving touch went straight into the vulnerable part of me. The massage itself was wonderful! You showed more than once that you are so perfect in your intuition, and everything just felt so good. It is so nice also with your warm, open, soft and non-judgmental personality that made me feel so safe and calm. It is like anything and everything is ok. I also thought it was great that you found that kind of points on my body that I didn’t know existed, and also did not know how special it could feel when you pressed them. The thing that has touched me the most is probably the ripple effect that has become after the massage. I felt happy and at ease with myself right after the tantra massage, but I also become aware of the vulnerable sides of me that usually are not allowed to take place. I became clear about that even the vulnerable, sensitive side has a place in me, and it feels like I can say yes to more sides of myself now. I’m really looking forward to the next time! / M

The massage was really really good. And this was the first time in my life I felt something inside (even pleasure) when you did the yoni massage. /H

I've been feeling really good since I started to take sessions from you. At first I felt very tired after the tantra massage, but I have never received so much love from anyone before. Several friends have said to me that I seem to be happier and be in a better shape since I started to have therapy from you. Through a dream I have managed to forgive two girls who bullied me when I was little, and I definitely connect it to your treatments. I feel more hope for the future, and what I want in a relationship. My intuition has come back again, and I'm much calmer in my mind. I have quickly learned to be more present during the sessions, and much better to receive the touch and enjoy it. You are one of the few people I've met, who just feel so genuinely good and warmhearted! /L


I am a male tantra therapist who give tantra massage to women in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg (Göteborg) 

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