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Tantric Massage


What is tantric massage? 

Tantric massage, which is the same as tantra massage, is based on presence, both for the masseur and for the recipient. For you as a recipient, it is very much about experiencing what is happening in the body, what is felt with your senses and feelings, rather than stretching muscles and connective tissue or stimulate blood circulation as in classical Swedish massage. In addition, as a tantric masseur, I usually use my intuition much more than in classic massage, and the massage will be suited for you and your needs. Also, each massage session can be quite different, depending on where you are and what you want, and what impulses I get. The tantric massage can give you an experience that bodily pleasure can be achieved in many different ways, and that the whole body can be like an erogenous zone.

Tantric Massage


Why should I take a tantric massage? 

Tantric massage is for you who...

... long for being touched, but do not get enough of it for any reason. Maybe you live in a loveless relationship or the like, or you may not have any relationship at all.

... want to meet, process and dissolve bodily tension, suppressed feelings or beliefs concerning, for example, your body, your yoni (the sanskrit word for the female genitals) or your sexuality to become more free.

... would like to be more able to experience pleasure o desire.

... want to challenge yourself, develop your trust, open up and dare to be vulnerable.

… are curious about what a tantric massage is about, and what it can give you.

... want to learn to "be more in the body" instead of ”in your head”. You may have anorexia, bulimia or something similar, and want to have better body awareness.

... have bad experience with men. Maybe they were to quick for you, were not sufficiently attentive to your needs, not present with you enough, not loving enough, too goal oriented etc.

... are tired of "friction sex", sex that feels like performance.

... who have difficulties to say what you like and do not like, and want to practice that.

Tantric massage is an excellent way to healing with the help of enjoyment. Whether you want to process physical, emotional or mental difficulties, this is a nice way to combine that job with pleasure. If you do not have any real problems but are just curious, want to have a nice time etc, a loving experience as this whole body massage can help you become better at loving yourself.



I am a male tantra masseur who give tantric massage sessions to women in Stockholm, Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Malmö.


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