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Det viktigaste är att du känner dig trygg och nöjd!



Question: I feel afraid/insecure/nervous or the like, and do not know if I dare to try tantric massage.
Answer: My best tip is that you call me. You can then tell all your fears and ask any questions you like, and it will most likely feel better after the call. This makes it easier to know if you have confidence in me or not. Do not you want to call, you can always write to me at my email address. Once you get to the massage, we begin to talk until you feel confident enough. Even during the massage, we build up a trust in each other.

Question: Should I bring anything when I come to you?
Answer: No, just an open mind! It is best if you can leave as many of your expectations and beliefs at home. :-)

Question: Can I touch you during the tantric massage?
Answer: As long as you are humble and compassionate, I think it might be nice to not completely close off your impulses, but it is me who is the masseur and you're the recipient.

Question: Is anything expected from me?
Answer: No. But it is important that you speak up if it does not feel good. It is also fine if you can breathe a little more than you really need to, among other things, let go of control, and you are welcome to make noise when it feels right. The massage will not be that good if one closes off and are tense and stiff. Breathing and sounds (and movements) helps us to reach emotions and tensions.

Question: How will I feel after the tantric massage?
Answer: There are no guarantees of anything; any emotion (or none at all) is possible, but the most common is that you feel calm, relaxed, full of love and peace, and present in the body.

Question: Why do you only give massages to women and not to men?
Answer: I've tried to give massage to men, but it just did not feel right to me. I want to convey a maximum of love for my clients, and personally, I have more difficulties with that when massaging men. Most branches of tantra is also based on the polarity between the masculine and the feminine energies. Many tantrics do not recommend men massaging other men, because the masculine polarity can then be disturbed.


I am a male tantra masseur who give tantric massage sessions to women in Stockholm, Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Malmö.