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Det viktigaste är att du känner dig trygg och nöjd!

Tantra massage helps you to know yourself!


What is tantra massage? 

Tantra massage has evolved from tantra, which is an ancient wisdom from the Far East that teaches us about the energies in our body, love and sexuality and how we can unite body, mind and soul. A tantra treatment with me can be som much more than just some learnt massage movements; I regard myself as a tantra therapeut. Most often tantra massage is a quiet, gentle, relaxing, sensuous, sensual and loving way of touch, but how you will perceive it, we don't know yet. It is common that emotions lika love, peace, grief and sexual desire will come and go. Usually, after a only short period of time, the trust will come, making it possible for you to let go of control and just receive. You don't have to be interested of tantra and/or personal growth at all. We can take it really unpretentious, and just call it a massage of your whole body, with focus on relaxation and enjoyment. 


Tantra massageWhat is the purpose of tantra massage?

You can...
...experience how it can be to receive from a man without having to give back and feel your femininity fully.

...... get the opportunity to see your patterns in life; What controls you in different situations, and why you do not have the life you want. You can learn what you want and do not want, and dare to express it in a good way.

...become more present and increase your ability to feel lust and pleasure, and feel that the whole body can be an erogenous zone. 

...release old tensions (physical, emotional and energetic), and get in touch with your body's inherent wisdom.

...get to know yourself better and get a better relationship to your body and your sexuality, so that you can say "yes" to all of yourself and your body, and accept and go beyond shame and condemnation that you might have with you.

...get deeper love and intimacy with your partner, and get better connection between sexuality and love.

...learn how to use your sexual energy by spreading it through the body, and get access to it in your daily life as a creative force – your own life force!

...feel very nice, calm and loving after the massage.

... be more able to (dare to) open up, physically and emotionally, for a partner. The role of the feminine is often described as "receiving" in tantra scriptures. This aspect can be strengthened from taking tantra massage/therapy.

...get help with menstrual problems.

 The uotcome of a session or a series of sessions is  much depending of you, but noone comes from a session untouched. :-)   Don't miss to read on the page "Testimonials" about how clients have experienced the sessions, and what it have given to them. 


Tantra massage, how does it work?

We start by talking about your intention with the tantra massage as well as any questions, wishes or limits that you may have, but also for you being safe with me and what is going to happen. The tantra massage proceeds smoothly on mattresses on the floor, and I massage your whole body, first without oil, and then using oil. The room is characterized by peaceful tantra music, candles, beautiful colors, high, pleasant temperature as well as great care and respect. The entire massage takes approximately 1.5 hours, but you can expect that it all takes around 2.5 hours including talking etc. You can always speak up if something makes you feel uncomfortable (and of course if something feels good as well)! The most important is that you feel safe and content! But I also expect you to be able to take your own responsibility for you wellbeing through communication, eventhough I will do my best to be alert considering how you feel. 



I am a male tantra masseur who give tantric touch to women in Stockholm, Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Malmö.


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