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About Me, Håkan Ekvall

I began to meditate in my earliest teens, and tried alternative therapies if I did not feel well. But my great desire to understand myself and face my dark and hidden sides did not arise until I had simultaneous crises in my job and marriage. This brought me to a path with many different therapies and courses that have had a great significance for my contact with myself. This, I actually see as my biggest asset as a tantra masseur. 

I went to my first tantra course in 2000. I like tantra; it weaves the sexuality - which is such a powerful force in our lives - into spirituality, and sees it as something beautiful and as a potential.

The reason that I'm working with this that may have to do a great deal with sexuality is not that I'm more interested in sex than others. Rather, I like to help people understand themselves and grow, and then sexuality is excellent, I think, because it is a field where so many people live quite far from their full potential. I believe that most people have a lot of ideas and conceptions around sexuality, and also more or less fears and shame. I also work as a musician. I live with my fiance in an appartment in Malmö, eventhough I give sessions also in Stockholm and Gothenburg.


Håkan EkvallI...

...am a male tantra masseur who gives tantra massage to women.

...am a therapist trained at Osho RISK in Denmark.

...have taken courses and lessons in tantra and tantra massage from several teachers in Denmark and Sweden.

...have worked as a tantra masseur on the sexsibility festival. 

...have given tantra massage since 2010.

...am a tactile masseur, and I also have shorter educations in thai massage and classical Swedish massage. I have got inspired from bevidsthedsberöring (conscious touch) and Breema, in which I have taken private lessons. I have also been influenced by professional cuddling. 

...have a long experience of meditation and personal and spiritual development.

...am a reiki master, deeksha giver, homeopath, etc.

...am a master of science in chemical engineering, and a licentiate of technology in nutrition.

...have studied all the steps in basic medicine at Axelsons gymnastiska institut in Stockholm. The level of the theory corresponds to the level of a nurse.


I am a male tantra masseur who give tantra therapy sessions to women in Stockholm, Gothenburg (Göteborg) and Malmö.

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